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  • BSMCD011CD  £10.00

Broken Sound

Rachael Dadd

Bite The Mountain

Experimental folk multi-instrumentalist rachael dadd releases her new album 'bite the mountain' through broken sound music (forest fire, the mariner's children, tristram, peggy sue). the album is a collection of raw and honest recordings, mostly recorded onto tape at various studios over a 2 month period during her recent travels in japan. rachael's at her happiest when keeping things honest and low-key, though her nomadic approach to life and music has not gone unnoticed. she's been celebrated by the likes of rob da bank, john kennedy, and her peers - where her music and approach to recording via 4-track have drawn her comparisons to the likes of diane cluck, sufjan stevens, and early regina spektor. 'bite the mountain' showcases rachael as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, where she turns her hands to clarinet, piano, ukulele, banjo, guitar, thumb piano, percussion, and layers of harmony - carefully overdubbing parts until the songs become whole. although nearly everything on the album is played by rachael herself, she is also joined by long-term collaborator rozi plain (fence records, backing vocals), experimental japanese musician ichi (coup records, steel drum), japanese composer aki tsuyuko (thrill jockey records, organ), inada makoto from improvisational band paap (double bass), and maher shalal hash baz member yumi ozaki (domino records, percussion). the album beautifully ties together rachael's loves of japan, the brooklyn anti-folk scene, traditional folk music, and contemporary experimental arrangement.

  • 1. Balloon
    2. Tsubomi
    3. Claw And Tooth
    4. In The Morning
    5. Moth In The Motor
    6. The Distance
    7. Hedgehog
    8. Rice Triangle
    9. Time Makers
    10. Tower Tower
    11. Good Good Light
    12. Anchoring
    13. The Wind And The Mountain
    14. Window