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Full of snow, sex, Volvos and ABBA, Together may at first appear to be a trawl through every Swedish cliché in the book, but is in fact a delightful, absorbing movie. Set in Stockholm in the winter of 1975 it tells of mother of two Elisabeth and her move away from abusive husband Rolf to the strange new world of her brother's commune, the "Together" of the title. Set almost entirely within the house, the action is slight and the plot development limited but the various characters are so strong that that languid nature of the film is a blessing rather than a curse. The humour ranges from the gentle to the bawdy, with the alternative lifestyle of the housemates prone to some gentle but affectionate lampooning. As the two worlds collide, the effect on all parties is clear--not least Elisabeth's two children, her violent partner and her relaxed brother Göran--and the simple final scene brings the piece to a joyous crescendo.