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Fabrique Records

Boz Boorer

Age of Boom

The co-writer, guitarist and musical director with Morrissey and founding member of the Polecats presents his new longplayer with guest artists including Eddie Argos (Art Brut) and more! Boz Boorer is back with an epic new solo album, 'Age Of Boom' - his first proper LP of fresh recordings in ten years, featuring an array of top-drawer musical guests. The new album 'Age Of Boom' has taken shape over the last four years in Boz's Studio in Portugal, and forms a cross section through the entire musical Boz Boorer universe. On the one hand it feels intense, energetic, and raw, but there is also style, melody and humour aplenty, reflecting the artist himself. With this new album, Boz Boorer again demonstrates his incredible versatility and outstanding skills as a songwriter, multiinstrumentalist and frontman. For some of the 14 songs, Boz has handpicked high-profile guest musicians and singers for support, who help turn "Age Of Boom" into a true contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk.

  • 1Girl from Atlantaby Boz Boorer feat. Eddie Argos
    2El Camino Realby Boz Boorer
    3More Alexandria Than Romeby Boz Boorer feat. Tom Walkden4
    Creepersby Boz Boorer feat. Ben Mark
    5Age of Boomby Boz Boorer
    6Chasin'the Devilby Boz Boorer feat. Dave Dahlson
    7Un Año de Amorby Boz Boorer feat. James Maker
    8Comic Book Nightmareby Boz Boorer
    9Make a Circuit with Meby Boz Boorer feat. Sarah Vista
    10Put the Hearse in Reverseby Boz Boorer
    11Le Stalkerby Boz Boorer feat. Georgina Baillie
    12Love You Madlyby Boz Boorer
    13Straight to the Starsby Boz Boorer feat. Tracy Vandal
    14Noizey Frydayby Boz Boorer feat. Alex Lusty