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    One CD is Mixed and one Unmixed.

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DJ Marky Influences Vol 2

Globally renowned for his vibrant, melodic sets and productions, Brasil's DJ Marky has been playing records for over a quarter of a century, making his debut at the tender age of twelve (yes, really). In the late 90's, Marky's fresh energy and eclectic influences provided a much-needed tonic for the UK's Drum and Bass scene; his sun-drenched crossover anthem LK eventually entering the UK Top 20 in 2002. The intervening years have been spent spinning records all over the world to rapt audiences, as well as absorbing more and more wideranging global sounds to add to his distinctive style. Marky's long awaited debut album finally dropped in 2015, aptly titled My Heroes, reflecting this uncommonly humble artist's habit of constantly championing his favourite musicians and musical inspirations. With this unselfish spirit firmly in mind, BBE release Influences, a compilation album and DJ mix showcasing a selection of Marky's favourite music, created with a healthy disdain for genre-puritans and an emphasis on fun. Taking in traditional Brazilian music, disco, acid jazz, early house and of course a little Drum and Bass, Influences is more of an invitation to a barbecue in the São Paulo sunshine than a chin-stroking 'back to mine' selection. Few artists display the ability (or the will) to transcend the genre in which they most thrive, but Marky is quickly establishing himself as a powerful tastemaker, perhaps even South America's answer to Gilles Peterson or Laurent Garnier. Fans will revel in the acid house and latin rhythms which provide much of the DNA of his Drum N Bass stylings, while casual listeners will simply discover a seamless music journey through a breathtaking number of eras and styles. A music-lover and fan first and foremost, Marky's infectious enthusiasm for his craft has never been more evident than on this very special record. It features The Brand New Heavies, Hardhouse, Roni Size Reprazent, William DeVaughn, Galaxy 2 Galaxy, Jack Frost etc.

  • Disc: 1
    1. William DeVaughn - Blood Is Thicker Than Water
    2. Maryann Farra & Satin Soul - You Got To Be The One
    3. The Pasito Allstars - Cosa Nostra
    4. The Brand New Heavies - Dream Come True (Joey Negro Reality Mix)
    5. Benelux & Nancy Dee - Switch (Instrumental Version)
    6. Clyde Alexander & Sanction - Got To Have Your Love
    7. Phortune - String Free
    8. Maurice - This Is Acid (K & T Dance Mix)
    9. Hardhouse - Check This Out
    10. Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Timeline
    11. Laurentius - Karate Samba
    12. The Manuel Azevedo Quartet - Futebol De Bar
    13. Double Dee Feat. Dany - Found Love
    14. Manfredo Fest - Jungle Kitten
    15. Skanna - Find Me
    16. Origin Unknown - Truly One (Remix Pt I)
    17. Roni Size Reprazent - Watching Windows (DJ Die Gnarly Mix)
    18. Influx Datum - Meant Love

    Disc: 2
    1. Benelux & Nancy Dee - Switch (Instrumental Mix)
    2. Clyde Alexander & Sanction - Got To Have Your Love
    3. Esther Williams - Last Night Changed It All
    4. Influx Datum - Meant Love
    5. The Brand New Heavies - Dream Come True (Joey Negro Reality Mix)
    6. The Armed Gang - Are You Ready
    7. Jack Frost - Clap Me
    8. Manfredo Fest - Jungle Kitten
    9. Skanna - Find Me
    10. Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey
    11. Lars Bartkuhn - Karate Samba
    12. Dave Angel - Rotation

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