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  • 9780141198941Magazines + Books  £4.00

Penguin English Library

James Hogg

The Private Memoirs & Confessions

'He was constantly harassed with the idea, that the next time he lifted his eyes, he would to a certainty see that face, the most repulsive to all his feelings of aught the earth contained'

Robert Wringhim knows himself to be one of the Elect: predestined for a salvation which nothing he can do, however criminal or bloody, will prevent. With conviction he records his own devout, dark work, committed in the company of his new friend Gil-Martin - who can pass for Robert, and carry other likenesses too.

James Hogg's tale of religious fanaticism and evil is a chilling classic of the macabre, and its telling is as troublingly, compellingly duplicitous as Gil-Martin himself. Initially unappreciated, then bowdlerised, it has gone on to have appeal and influence as great as anything in Scottish literature.

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