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  • 2564629702Long Player  £16.00

Gang Of Four


New Wave Post Punk 180 Gram vinyl A classic Propelled by a political mission and some wicked bass playing the Gang of Four released 'Entertainment' in 1979 'Natural's not in it' displays Hugo Burnham's edgy drumming style not quiet in sync at any given moment but perfect for the mood of the songs The short abrupt bursts of guitar on 'Damaged Goods' echo Jon King's harsh sentiments about the political nature of everything humanlust in this case 'I Found that Essence Rare' boasts a catchy rhythm section that along with its sawing guitars and manifestolike lyrics helped to influence a number of other bands most notably the Mission of Burma Though King sings two steps forward six steps back in 'At Home he's a Tourist' the only reason Gang of Four could have for stepping back is that they are so far ahead of the curve Closing the album is 'Anthrax' a jolting roller coaster wherein love is equated with the dreaded disease as the music drips feedback from between its poisonsoaked teeth This record is without question one of the most important records from the post punk era and while the album's title was almost certainly intended as sarcasm this is also a really good listen

  • Disc: 1
    1. Ether
    2. Natural's Not In It
    3. Not Great Men
    4. Damaged Goods
    5. Return The Gift
    6. Guns Before Butter
    7. I Found That Essence Rare
    8. Glass
    9. Contract
    10. At Home He's A Tourist
    11. 45
    12. Love Like Anthrax