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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It's Blitz

America Canada yeah yeah yeahs are back back back releasing the followup to 2006's 'show your bones' an album described as 'a slowburning masterpiece' by observer music monthly and 'one of the albums of the decade' by nme 'it's blitz' was recorded with nick launay producer of yeah yeah yeahs 2007 released 'is is' ep and longtime collaborator tv on the radio's dave sitek the album sessions took the city dwelling band from the snowcovered fields of rural massachusetts and long view studios to sitek's staygold complex in brooklyn before heading south to a studio in tornillo in the texan desert for further confinement and recording 'it's blitz' signals both a glance backward and a step forward for the yeah yeah yeahs guitarist nick zinner had brought along an old keyboard he bought on ebay to work with during the writing session not expecting it to end up on the album however the sounds of the vintage arp were so right for the new songs that they found their way into the atmospheric washes of 'skeletons' the disco wiggles of 'heads will roll' and new wave melodrama of 'soft shock' the whole record has a new feeling of space and atmosphere a new sonic dimension if you will

  • 1. Zero
    2. Heads Will Roll
    3. Soft Shock
    4. Skeletons
    5. Dull Life
    6. Shame And Fortune
    7. Runaway
    8. Dragon Queen
    9. Hysteric
    10. Little Shadow

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