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The Expanding Flower Planet

America Canada Debut LP from Angel Deradoorian former member of Dirty Projectors and Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks 'The Expanding Flower Planet' is an album a song a cosmic ideal a form of psychic expansion and expanded capability It's original and personal It transmutes ethereal abstractions into crystalline harmonies and sinuous grooves It's music nurtured with the idea of healing exciting inspiring enlightening Drones dissonance warmth and love Even if you're unfamiliar with Angel Deradoorian's name you're likely familiar with her voice As the former bassist and vocalist for Dirty Projectors her lepidopteran flights helped buoy the Brooklynbased group She's been a member of Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks and sang on Flying Lotus' 'Siren Song' Her fist song collection 2009's 'Mind Raft' EP elicited praise from Pitchfork for being passionate and lovingly crafted The Fader hailed her zen weed energy and moody dervish spirals But her debut LP 'The Expanding Flower Planet' reflects a remarkable creative journey The title came from a tapestry hanging on the wall in front of Deradoorian's workstation a Chinese embroidered image of a flower mandala Others imitate the past and others divine inspiration and transmit it elsewhere This is the latter instance If you listen close enough you can detect faint hints of Alice Coltrane and Can Terry Riley and Dorothy Ashby A new world springs from ancient traditions with East Indian Middle Eastern traditional Japanese musical inspiration aligned with Deradoorian's singular orbit Recorded in various locales over a period of several years sessions began from scratch in Baltimore 2011 before moving to her studio in LA Some tracking was done in a church Extra tracks were recorded at The Topaz Chamber which belongs to Deradoorian's friend Kenny Gilmore This is an album so refulgent that it actually sounds like it was made in a Topaz chamber Roughly 90 percent was written and performed solely by Deradoorian with assists from drummers Jeremy Hyman and Michael Lockwood guest vocalist Niki Randa Arlene Deradoorian and Gilmore who helped the songs breathe It's essentially the offspring of a labyrinthine odyssey of selfexploration In the course of cutting it Deradoorian realized a more profound communion with music than she'd ever experienced It's salient in the songs which glow and warp burn brightly and float gracefully past sun and assorted starsLP First Pressing Limited to 1000 copies on Coloured vinyl with Download

  • 1. A Beautiful Woman
    2. Expanding Flower Planet
    3. Violet Minded
    4. Komodo
    5. Your Creator
    6. The Invisible Man
    7. Darklord
    8. Ouneya
    9. The Eye
    10. Grow