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Double Six

Steve Mason

Monkey Minds In The Devils Time

Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time is an album saturated with politics. With a title referring to the Buddhist term for an easily distracted brain, the album features 20 songs: 9 recorded in London with producer Dan Carey and 11 short linking pieces self-produced in Mason’s Fife studio. Monkey Minds In the Devil’s Time is an album that has been shaped by the current global political climate and the lack of dissenting voices in music and popular culture in general. The righteous, undaunted anger at the heart of the album has helped to create Mason’s best record to date.

  • 1. The Old Problem
    2. Lie Awake
    3. Flyover ‘98
    4. A Lot Of Love
    5. The Last Of Heroes
    6. Lonely
    7. Safe Population
    8. Friends For Ever More
    9. Seen It All Before
    10. From Hate We Hope
    11. Oh My Lord
    12. Goodbye Youth
    13. Never Be Alone
    14. Behind The Curtains
    15. More Money, More Fire
    16. Fire!
    17. Operation Mason
    18. Fight Them Back
    19. Towers of Power
    20. Come To Me

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