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  • CDLTT002CD  £6.00


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Live at the Royal Albert Hall

Oz NZ Featuring what is arguably the Bad Seeds' greatest lineup this beautifully recorded live set is a must have for any Nick Cave fan and is a great introduction to anyone new to the work of Nick Cave It's a bit on the mellow side it was recorded on the Boatman's Call tour and features several stellar tracks off that album But it also includes classic versions of Cave's staple live numbers Red Right Hand Do You Love Me The Ship Song and The Mercy SeatCave is in spectacularly great voice throughout the set unlike the Abbatoir Blues live discs and the Bad Seeds are in their usual perfect form The Bad Seeds have always excelled at unleashing a sonic maelstrom but it's at this point in their history where they've fully grasped the less is more approach Restraint and respect for the song is paramount here and the result is stunning The recording quality is perfect just enough crowd noise to let you know it's a live set yet every instrument comes through clear and balanced This is how every live disc should sound

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