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Ninja Tune


Let Us Play

'Let Us Play' is the heartfelt cry of a generation that rejects being categorised, bought, used or homogenised. Themes that heavily influence the album are the impact of technology on a changing society, and the principles of DIY philosophy and zentertainment. Album comes with free chin, so you don't wear your own out.
'Let us Play' is where you will learn about....

  • 1. Return to MarginColdcut
    2. Atomic Moog 2000 (Post Nuclear After life Lounge Mix)
    3. More Beats & Pieces (Daddy Rips It Up Mix)
    4. RubaiyatColdcut
    5. Pan Opticon
    6. Music 4 No MusiciansColdcut
    7. Noah's ToiletColdcut featuring Salena Saliva
    8. Space Journey
    9. Timber
    10. Every Home A Prison
    11. Cloned Again
    12. I'm Wild About That Thing
    13. Atomic Moog 2000 (Bullet Train edit)

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