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Because Music

Django Django

Django Django

Those worried that British guitar music has lost its ability to refresh old forms should pay heed to Django Django, whose debut album posits an updated psychedelia that beguiles and delights. Their foundations are a rickety, minimal take on the music of the immediate pre-psychedelic era – Hail Bop employs heavily tremeloed surf guitar; Default takes Bo Diddley's shave-and-a-haircut-two-bits beat and bolts on a jerky R&B guitar line – over which are laid skittering electronics and bleached, vibratoless harmonies, as if Django Django's four members were supplicants worshipping the desert sunrise. Yet it's also an exercise in clever restraint: drummer and band mastermind David Maclean often eschews everything bar his kick drum, floor tom, cymbals and tambourines, creating an amniotic throb. Even as the effects pile on, Django Django sound refreshingly minimal. That's the right choice, because the songwriting here is routinely top-notch, the album gaining impact as it plays and the moods shift imperceptibly.

  • 1 - Introduction
    2 - Hail Bop
    3 - Default
    4 - Firewater
    5 - Waveforms
    6 - Zumm Zumm
    7 - Hand of Man
    8 - Love's Dart
    9 - Wor
    10 - Storm
    11 - Life's a Beach
    12 - Skies Over Cairo
    13 - Silver Rays