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Pillars & Pyre

America Canada Superlimited pressing in disco bag and art designed by the band Features a track from the forthcoming album and 2 exclusive tracks Dralms is the latest project from Christopher Smith with longtime collaborators Shaunn Watt Siskiyou William Kendrick Failing and Peter Carruthers Siskiyou The project delivers a darker more complex sound than that of Smith's solo work Bringing Andy Dixon's production and electronics into the equation Dralms packs a heavier punch instantly dragging the listener into the depths of the song and demanding undivided attention The band's first release 'Crushed Pleats Divisions of Labour' has a swampy ambience and deep bass pulse Smith's lyrics push listeners to look through a dystopian lens exposing powerlessness fear rhetoric and ignorance Beyond the poetic prowess of the lyrics the band's strength is their ability to devise allconsuming instrumental buildups These forceful swells are thickened with cavernous bass chords and weaving electronic textures Smith's vocals sit atop as smooth and varied as stained glass Dralms are currently working on a fulllength album at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver BC with producer engineer John Raham

  • 1. Pillars & Pyre - Dralms
    2. A Slum Of Legs - Dralms
    3. Crushed Pleats (V E N N.RMX) - Dralms | V E N N

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