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  • KOMPAKT241LP  £15.00


Looping state Of Mind

While his second album polarised opinion to a degree, Looping State of Mind seems destined to be as universally loved as his first. This is no doubt in part because of a return to the ‘purer’ techno of From Here We Go Sublime, combined with an overall deepening of his sound. That lulling, glacial quality remains, but it feels more refined, more mature. The tracks here are more lush and crowded than those that came before, sometimes to the extent that ‘minimal’ techno seems like a misnomer, and it feels fair to add a second genre in brackets - house. As well as that, the structures here are more varied and less abstract than those of ...Sublime. Indeed, at times a faint hint of the dance floor is evident, somewhere in that vast sonic headspace that is Willner’s trademark. For simple aural pleasure, there has not been much to match this in 2011.

  • 01. Is This Power (8:39)
    02. It’s Up There (9:18)
    03. Burned Out (7:33)
    04. Arpeggiated Love (10:51)
    05. Looping State Of Mind (10:30)
    06. Then It’s White (7:51)
    07. Sweet Slow Baby (9:16)