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When The Night Comes

Bass Dubstep James Boyle AKA Breakage is UK sound system culture's dark magus shape shifting through the submarine pathways of the British 'ardcore continuum master of tension and chest rattling sonic frequencies In 2015 after a break of 4 years this notoriously reclusive perfectionist gives us a new album to the world namely album number 3 'When The Night Comes' 'When the Night Comes' is completely rooted in the thousands of hours of club time that James has put in with a sense of space groove and direct physical chest rattling impact that come direct from soundsystem culture but it is also about the entirety of his life It may not be a rock record but it has rock's dark intensity and virtuosity not to mention love songs that would fit the most Gothic Country amp Western tales It brings in ambient UK garage soul house Industrial electro into its palette and has the confidence to build from chilled and chilly atmospheres into high dance floor drama 'When The Night Comes' no one channels it's blackness like BreakageCD 14 Tracks2x12 4 Track Double pack

  • 1. Vellocet
    2. Revelation (Feat. Liam Bailey)
    3. Treading Wate (Feat. Detour City)
    4. Aquamission
    5. Stolen (Feat. Lilly McKenzie)
    6. Vellocet
    7. To Be Around You
    8. I On U
    9. Switchmission
    10. Future (Feat. Madi Lane)
    11. Dedication
    12. Creeper (Feat. Mercedes)
    13. Natty
    14. Bad Blood (Feat. Jess Mills)