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No Quater


No News From Home

America Canada We love Houndstooth at Rough Trade shops and they return with their second cracking album 'No News from Home' Returning one part leaner than on their 2013 debut 'Ride Out the Dark' the band's chief weapons songwriting guitarists Katie Bernstein and John Gnorski drummerproducer Graeme Gibson remain intact which is why a band that was so good out of the gate has only redoubled its powers evolving into a deeper version of itself 'No News from Home' is a busy pop album with lovely soothing female vocals hooks at every corner jangling guitars and a great all round energy The new songs range from a Velvetsstyle churner with James Baldwin references 'Witching Hour' to a shimmering tremoloedout tale of unrequited love revolving around a postcard title track 'No News From Home'For fans of Avi Buffalo The Siddeleys The Velvet Underground and mid 80's Flying Nun RecordsLP With Download

  • 1. Bliss Boat
    2. Amelia
    3. No News from Home
    4. Green Light
    5. Wasted Hours
    6. Witching Hour
    7. Borderlands
    8. Yellow Stone
    9. Double Vision
    10. Spirit
    11. They're Racing Tonight

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