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Aphrodite's Child


60s 70s Double LP on 180 Gram Vinyl with Download First official reissue in years Released in 1972 '666' is the archetypal rare prog record and one of the greatest most ludicrous and wondrous music waxed Featuring synth prodigy Vangelis and Demis Roussos before the cheese and commercial success '666' is an experimental rock record based on the book of Revelations and features power drumming apocalyptic songwriting funk breaks and a swirling conceptual continuity that is a 'trip' in the very best way Essential

  • Disc: 1
    1. The System
    2. Babylon
    3. Loud, Loud, Loud
    4. The Four Horsemen
    5. The Lamb
    6. The Seventh Seal
    7. Aegian Sea
    8. Seven Bowls
    9. The Wakening Beast
    10. Lament
    11. The Marching Beast
    12. The Battle of the Locusts
    13. Do It
    14. Tribulation
    15. The Beast
    16. Ofis

    Disc: 2
    1. Seven Trumpets
    2. Altamont
    3. The Wedding of the Lamb
    4. The Capture of the Beast
    5. Infinity
    6. Hic and Nunc
    7. All the Seats Were Occupied
    8. Break