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Bob Carpenter

Silent Passage

60s 70s Bob Carpenter came close to being a major star He received a glowing mention in Rolling Stone in 1970 recorded an album for Warner Brothers and had his songs recorded by Emmylou Harris Billy Joe Shaver and others But 'Silent Passage' his lone solo album recorded in 1974 was pressed and ready to ship when contract negotiations shelved the record indefinitely By the time things were resolved it was the end of the 70's singersongwriter boom and Warner had moved on The album saw release by the Canadian label Stony Plain in 1984 but by that time Bob had all but moved on from the careerist aspects of the music business He died in 1995 and the last decade of his life was spent in religious devotion He joined a Buddhist monastery shortly before his death It's a tragic story of one that got away if things had gone differently perhaps 'Silent Passage' would be considered a countryrock classic slotted somewhere between say 'No Other' and 'Tonight's The Night' But perhaps it's not too late for that Carpenter's songs are timeless magical and waiting to be discovered There's a talented backing behind featuring a lot known session players from the era and soon to be famous singers Emmylou Harris Anne Murray but it's Bob Carpenter's voice that takes the lead here and it soarsCD Digipack with 16 Page BookletLP with Download

  • 1. Miracle Man
    2. Silent Passage
    3. Old Friends
    4. First Light
    5. Morning Train
    6. The Believer
    7. Gypsy Boy
    8. Down Along the Border
    9. Before My Time
    10. Now and Then

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