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Quietus Phonographic Corporation

Grumbling Fur


New Psyche Psyche Rock The Quietus Phonographic Corporation label release interplanetary psychpop duo Grumbling Fur's third album 'Preternaturals' a nine track album of glowing pop songs and abstract interludes With rhythms that clack and clatter like windmills blown by interplanetary solar winds the songs on 'Preternaturals' are tunes for a milkman to whistle as he steps down from his hoverfloat with a pint of something glowing in a time and place unspecified and unknown Their influences include the consumption of psychotropics Spacemen 3 Faust Ramera Paul McCartney dub New Zealand musician Alastair Galbraith and reading Philip K DickLP Heavyweight Vinyl with CD Version

  • 1. Neil Megson Fanclub
    2. All the Rays
    3. Lightinsisters
    4. Feet of Clay
    5. White China Pencil
    6. Secrets of the Earth
    7. Mister Skeleton
    8. Materials Recording the Fibres of Time
    9. Pluriforms

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