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  • MMS003Long Player  £15.00


Madlib Medicine Show Vol. 3

Hip Hop back in the 1990s beat tapes as a hip hop producer's demoreel is now quaintly referred to were literally that cassettes of beats made either for self friends or potential collaborators madlib cranked out a bunch of 'em in the days between his early productions for the alkaholiks around 1992 and the release of his quasimoto album in 2000 after which he took a couple of years off the beats to focus on his fictional jazz outfit yesterdays new quintet this collection showcases the way that madlib's early hip hop demos were filtered out to his friends and associates and provides an opportunity for a unique view into his working process these beats often freestyled on whatever machine he had at the ready were picked up by rappers over a period of many years including tracks later used by the likes of wildchild and percee p yet created some years before release this collection is also punctuated with a series of early solo raps by madlib and his quasimoto alter ego and features the crew known collectively as cdp rappers who worked side by side with madlib during the early days of his oxnardbased crate diggas palace studios

  • 1. Motherland
    2. The Frontline (Liberation)
    3. Raw Introduction To Afreaka 3
    4. African Voodoo Queen (Drama)
    5. Jungle Soundz (Part One)
    6. The Struggle To Unite (One Africa)
    7. Mandingo Swing
    8. Endless Cold (Lovelost)
    9. Chant 2
    10. Afrosound Panorama
    11. Hunting Theme
    12. Yafeu
    13. Afritonic Pt.1
    14. Afritonic Pt.2
    15. Tradition
    16. Spearthrow for Oh No
    17. Tear Gas and Bullets for Freedom
    18. Heritage Sip
    19. Land Of The Drum
    20. Red, Black and Green Showcase
    21. Blackfire
    22. Obataive
    23. Warrior's Theme
    24. Mtima
    25. African Map Watch
    26. Street Hustler
    27. Kanika
    28. Chant 3
    29. The Show (Inner View)
    30. Brothers and Sisters
    31. Freedom Play
    32. African Bounce
    33. Umi (Life)
    34. Natural Sound Waves
    35. Jungle Sounds Pt.2
    36. Mighty Force
    37. Unika (Outro)

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