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Dead Oceans

Bill Fay

Life Is People

Bill Fay is a British singer-songwriter who got together with a bunch of London jazz session players in the early ’70s and released a pair of cultish albums, loved by adventurous rock types like Wilco and Nick Cave. He hasn’t released an album in more than 40 years. But Fay is, all of a sudden, back in action, and he’ll soon release a new LP called Life Is People, recorded with a band assembled by British journeyman guitarist Matt Deighton.

  • 01 “There Is A Valley”
    02 “Big Painter”
    03 “The Never Ending Happening”
    04 “This World”
    05 “The Healing Day”
    06 “City Of Dreams”
    07 “Be At Peace With Yourself”
    08 “Jesus, Etc.”
    09 “Empires”
    10 “Thank You Lord”
    11 “Cosmic Concerto (Life Is People)”
    12 “The Coast No Man Can Tell”

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