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Thrill Jockey

The Sea And Cake


Yet another release from the Chicago post-rock scene, this time though the album fits quite snugly into the genre of easy listening. Sam Prekop's arch, airy vocals lend 'Oui' something of a carefree, summery feel. Despite only threatening on occasions to move into verse-chorus mode this long player is one which could entrap the casual listener as there are some delicious melodies hidden beneath the aloof image; you can almost imagine the group smiling as they made these songs. 'All The Photos' is propelled by dreamy guitar passages and there's a lovely, languid instrumental called, of course, 'You Beautiful Bastard'. Floataway tunes such as 'The Colony Room' and the genuinely heart-stopping 'Seemingly' are fine songs and 'Two Dolphins' possesses unavoidable space age/lounge comparisons with Stereolab. One could almost suggest this is deep easy listening.

  • 1. Afternoon Speaker
    2. All the Photos
    3. You Beautiful Bastard
    4. The Colony Room
    5. The Leaf
    6. Everyday
    7. Two Dolphins
    8. Midtown
    9. Seemingly
    10. I Missed the Glance