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Thrill Jockey

Evan Caminiti

Dreamless Sleep

** LP comes with download code **

Evan Caminiti is one half of the San Francisco duo Barn Owl. ‘Dreamless Sleep’ is his debut solo record for Thrill Jockey.

On ‘Dreamless Sleep’, Evan Caminiti creates a lush and misty atmosphere with this collection of hazy, halfremembered sound portraits heard through a veil of static and hiss. The dense tracks are an evolution in terms of Caminiti’s compositions, musically referencing devotional hymns, Berlin-school epics, and cinematic westerns.

Evan Caminiti has previously released solo material on Three Lobed, Immune, Handmade Birds, Digitalis, Trensmat, and Students Of Decay.

“Drone done not only well but also with concision and purpose… a sheet of luminous noise - neither harsh nor pretty, it remains, always, in motion, cycling into an eerie, gorgeous quiet before it can outlast its welcome” - Pitchfork

“A master of cavernous guitar… blues for a scorched earth, evoking the kinds of dystopian futures found in Cormac McCarthy and Marcel Theroux novels” - Altered Zones

“Caminiti takes the ideas of deep space and echoed tones as something to place guitar directly into, with drones aiming at a hushed, moodily peaceful place” - All Music

  • Leaving The Island
    Bright Midnight
    Fading Dawn
    Veiled Prayers
    Becoming Pure Light

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