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Jessie Ware


After storming on to the British music scene in a low-fi pop kinda way, South Londoner Jessie Ware puts her all into her debut album Devotion. A perfect mix of downbeat R&B, electro and impressive lyrics produced by Dave Okumu, Julio Basmore and Kid Harpoon.

Taking inspiration from pop’s greatest including Grace Jones, Annie Lennox and Prince, the direction which Londoner Jessie Ware seems to be taking is light years ahead of her rival pop female acts in the world right now. Debut album Devotion sounds much more like a platinum selling fourth album rather than a debut, and is sure to set a clear path for excellence and sell-out tours for this young pop star.

The sound is effortless, with its groovy beats and sensual rhythms, delicately placed together with Jessie’s airy vocals and chilled out tone. Stand out track 110% sets a high standard for what Jessie could produce further into the future: A pop classic, timeless and stylish – a perfect representation of the album and the level of quality that Jessie has turned her pop style into.

Still Love Me, reminding us of eighties disco but with a modern twist, is beautifully produced with a subtle electronic beat, focusing in on the vulnerability and power which she possesses in her vocals. Title track, Devotion allows the listener to understand the inspiration behind the track, sounding like a newly remixed disco track from days gone by, but again forward-thinking in the world of pop today.

Devotion rewrites what we expect of pop stars today, instead of super-catchy choruses and quick hits for the radio, Jessie Ware has produced a set of timeless classic pop songs which digs deep to the true roots and foundations of what pop originally represented. There’s power in every single song, leaving her contemporaries far far behind. Jessie Ware is a star to watch out for, with grown up, soulful songs for those who love music. One of the best debuts of 2012, and raises the bar high for those following in her footsteps.

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