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New Wave Post Punk A reissue of the second Fall album from 1979 'Dragnet' is a bitter and twisted masterpiece capturing them in the infancy of their uncompromising brilliance Recorded in only 3 days 'Dragnet' is the first albumlength collaboration between Mark E Smith and long standing Fall guitarist Craig Scanlon who would go on to write the music to some of the best known Fall classics The album kicks off with a bang with a new version of a previously released single called 'Psychic Dancehall' which has an extremely catchy riff and drum beat The album continues down the primitive path which culminates in the nearly 8 minute 'Spector Versus Rector' which is just barely ramshackle contained chaos that sounds like it was recorded 3 rooms awayCD 11 bonus tracks of singles from the time and different takes of certain songsLP 180 Gram Vinyl

  • 1. Psykick Dancehall
    2. A Figure Walks
    3. Printhead
    4. Dice Man
    5. Before the Moon Falls
    6. Your Heart Out
    7. Muzorewi's Daughter
    8. Flat of Angles
    9. Choc Stock
    10. Spectre Vs Rector
    11. Put Away
    12. Rowche Rumble (Bonus)
    13. In My Area
    14. Fiery Jack
    15. 2nd Dark Age (Bonus)
    16. Psykick Dancehall 2
    17. Rowche Rumble Take 2 (Bonus)
    18. Rowche Rumble Take 3 (Bonus)
    19. Rowche Rumble Take 4 (Bonus)
    20. Rowche Rumble Take 5 (Bonus)
    21. In My Area Take 1 (Bonus)
    22. In My Area Take 2 (Bonus)

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