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Caldo Verdi

Mark Kozelek

Live At Biko

Limited double vinyl LP pressing. Live At Biko was recorded during an April 6th 2014 gig in Milan, Italy. The release features more than half of the songs on Benji plus other favorites like 'Admiral Fell Promises' "Ålesund" and a trio of tracks from Perils from the Sea, Kozelek's collaboration with the Album Leaf 's Jimmy Lavalle.

  • 1. Gustavo
    2. I Watched the Film the Song Remains the Same
    3. I Love My Dad
    4. Dogs
    5. Micheline
    6. Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes
    7. Alesund
    8. Hey You Bastards I'm Still Here
    9. Sunshine in Chicago
    10. Carissa
    11. Caroline
    12. Ceiling Gazing
    13. Tavoris Cloud
    14. Elaine

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