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With Us Until You're Dead

Absent from this side of the Channel for far too long, London/Paris/Brighton-based collective Archive return with the epic and beautiful 'With Us Until You’re Dead'. The album, produced by longtime collaborator Jerome Devoise.
Part-orchestral, part-electronic, part-soulful, part-progressive and wholly emotion-soaked and cinematic, the album touches tangents with Massive Attack, Radiohead, The Aloof, UNKLE, Secret Machines and Pink Floyd, with four dynamic singers fronting a restlessly inventive landscape constructed by Archive’s long-standing core of Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths.
Archive's dark and dramatic 1996 debut Londinium was a recognised trip-hop classic but the band's fortunes over the last 15 years have taken a strange turn. Third album You All Look The Same To Me and 2004’s Noise made them superstars across Europe when Warner France signed them. But while Archive would routinely sell out venues such as Paris’ Zenith Arena (tantamount to selling out Alexandra Palace here), contractual problems meant none of these albums received a UK release, and Archive remained a hidden treasure in their own backyard.
Until now. With a new record deal, With Us Until You’re Dead has a UK release and the band couldn’t be happier. “It's great to be a big band all over Europe and we don't take it for granted, but we're a UK act, and we want to be successful here too,” says Keeler.

  • 1. Wiped Out
    2. Interlace
    3. Stick Me In My Heart
    4. Conflict
    5. Violently
    6. Calm Now
    7. Silent
    8. Twisting
    9. Things Going Down
    10. Hatchet
    11. Damage
    12. Rise