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  • 9780007371860Magazines + Books  £3.00

Kristin Hersh


Kristin Hersh, lead singer of Throwing Muses and successful solo artist, will be releasing her new studio album, Crooked, as a book. This is the first time any major recording artist has taken such a step which makes this a groundbreaking publication and one that we will be supporting with a massive publicity push.

Crooked, the book, will contain full colour artwork, lyrics and an exclusive essay by Kristin on each song.

Each copy will come with a digital code which unlocks a treasure trove of online content including:

• The full Crooked album.• Full recording stems for every track allowing fan remixes.• Track by track audio commentary by Kristin.• Exclusive video content.• Out-takes.• A forum enabling fans to interract with Kristin, ask questions, live web chats etc.• Sample chapters from her forthcoming memoir, Paradoxical Undressing.

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