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  • LUCKY84CDCD  £10.00Expected 18th September 2015

  • LUCKY84LPXLong Player  £18.00Expected 18th September 2015

    Indie Only coloured vinyl.

  • LUCKY84LPLong Player  £18.00Expected 18th September 2015

Lucky Number

Darwin Deez

Double Down

***Limited copies come with a 10th anniversary Lucky Number CD***

Recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by Darwin, Double Down will be released on September 18th via Lucky Number. For Darwin, this album is a chance to gamble again, and recreate the magic of his debut – simple, irresistible pop songs – with a fresh new twist. Drawing from the same influences such as Thriller, Dismemberment Plan, and Andre 3000, Darwin displays remarkable stylistic growth on Double Down as he comes out sounding even more like himself than ever before.

A vibrant slice of pure pop perfection, Double Down showcases Darwin Deez’s dexterity for experimentation with different sonic textures, genres and lyrical allegories. Double Down is a divine offering from our pop star, shining brightly in a dreary indie landscape, as well as Darwin’s finest record in his rich and varied catalogue to date.

  • 1. Last Cigarette
    2. The Mess She Made
    3. Lover
    4. Time Machine
    5. Bag of Tricks
    6. Rated R
    7. Milange Mining
    8. Kill Your Attitude
    9. The Other Side
    10. Right When It Rains
    11. The Missing I Wanna Do

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