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Charles Howl

Sir Vices

Today we introduce Charles Howl, a London-based brit-psyche group with a thrillingly melodic sound. Charles Howl release their debut album Sir Vices with a dozen tracks that deliver. As some of the last children of the 80s and with a britpop upbringing, it s no wonder Charles Howl has produced an album that sounds like The Modern Lovers channeling The Stone Roses while maintaining its contemporary charm. It makes for an album that is outward looking with tight rhythms tying down whirling guitars and lustrous textures bouncing off melodies.

  • 1. So Long
    2. Give Me Solar
    3. Lunacy
    4. I Love You
    5. Sighed At Me
    6. Peace & Quiet
    7. The New Shade
    8. Going Down with a Hi
    9. Sky Birds Blue
    10. The Right Floor
    11. Without Animal
    12. Field of Joy

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