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Bonnie Prince Billy

Singer's Grave A Sea Of Tongues

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's new album 'Singer's Grave A Sea Of Tongues' is released on Domino. At the locus of five corners, mythos is in the wind; a sea of tongues boils forth, mountains spurting forth from the magma. Bonnie sings for who he was and will be and for all of us, in time. Bonnie Billy has been quoted as saying that one of the songs on the album is a conceptual track that's about "one day in 1973 when only two people died in the whole word."

  • 1. Night Noises
    2. So Far and Here We Are
    3. There Will Be Spring
    4. Quail and Dumplings
    5. We Are Unhappy
    6. It's Time to Be Clear
    7. Whipped
    8. Old Match
    9. Mindlessness
    10. Mew Black Rich (Tusks)
    11. Sailor's Grave a Sea of Sheep

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