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Bitchin Bajas

Bitchin Bajas

New Psyche Psyche Rock Bitchin Bajas have been around the world in five years chasing sonics through space and time and drawing a lot of conclusions along their discographical path Always they push forward recklessly consuming processes in order to realise their own works but the sound and the music regularly emerges with tranquil essence bringing them and their listeners into a shared experience Bitchin Bajas' output has been remarkably diverse in search of this singular goal which makes for great listening across multiple releases and with the release of this new doubleLP they have mapped and traversed their own ecosystem as they journey in search of the aural epiphany the true unknowing With plenty of room stretched over four sides Bitchin Bajas use their many methods to attain perfect flow throughout the 76 minutes of this selftitled record Selftitled because this is who they are at their core these are the flares and oscillations of their soul They will be other things again horizons will continue to rise and fade away in their path as they continue forward and upward but this selftitled record is a pure vision at the heart of Bitchin Bajas Acoustic is the beginning Eastern tonalities relocate Bitchin Bajas farther inside the source finding the timeless point from long ago and slowly sliding via fader until then is now until acoustic goes analognbsp What began in randomness pitchshifting and tape manipulation emerged in the cutting as a single direction a journey in scales divided by the format perfectly into four stages eight discreet parts Bitchin Bajas reach high and low in their consciousness as expressed through equalisation to see hear what affect it will have on them and what it does to them reaches through to the listener too The space found on Bitchin Bajas was located with organ synthesizer winds xylophone and autoharp employing a 1 8track tape machine to the fullest extent Additional contributions from strings keys guitar and field recordings helped make Bitchin Bajas everything that it is

  • Disc: 1
    1. Tilang
    2. Asian Carp
    3. Ruby
    4. Field Study

    Disc: 2
    1. Brush
    2. Bueu
    3. Orgone
    4. Pieces of Tape

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