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Fortuna Pop

Joanna Gruesome

Weird Sister

Cardiff noise poppers Joanna Gruesome deliver their debut LP ‘Weird Sister‘ on September 10 via Slumberland Records (US) and Fortuna POP! (EU). The five piece showcase their reverby fuzz and garage punk ways on their latest single ‘Secret Surprise’. Reportedly written (the PR states) “during a month long stay in a seedy west Brighton hotel (now closed down) called The Hell House. The residents were pretty strange, kept attempting occult rituals/using Ouija boards etc and many of the songs were written to distract from the weirdness.” Rock n’ roll.

  • 1. Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers
    2. Sugarcrush
    3. Wussy Voidm
    4. Madison
    5. Lemonade Grrrl
    6. Secret Surprise
    7. Do You Really Wanna Know Why Yr Still In Love With
    8. Candy
    9. Graveyard
    10. Satan

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