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Songs In A & E

British European Double 180 Gram vinyl version 'Songs in aampe' is the sixth studio album from Jason Pierce's Spiritualized and the first since 2003's 'Amazing Grace' and this is another cracker drawing on his recent near death experience as well as his usual themes of love god and drugs Although the sound is stripped back the songs still retain that soulful feel and they are also epic but in that trademark restrained way Stunning melodies stompers big orchestral pop and delicate ballads are all present and correct and that will please long time fans as well as people new to Pierce's work includes the single 'Soul on Fire'

  • 1. Harmony 1 (mellotron)
    2. Sweet Talk
    3. Death Take Your Fiddle
    4. I Gotta Fire
    5. Soul On Fire
    6. Harmony 2 (piano)
    7. Sitting On Fire
    8. Yeah Yeah
    9. You Lie You Cheat
    10. Harmony 3 (voice)
    11. Baby I'm Just A Fool
    12. Don't Hold Me Close
    13. Harmony 4 (the old man ...)
    14. The Waves Crash In
    15. Harmony 5 (accordian)
    16. Borrowed Your Gun
    17. Harmony 6 (glockenspiel)
    18. Good Night Goodnight

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