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Our Daughters Wedding

Moving Windows

Our Daughter's Wedding were one of the most underated American synth bands of the early 1980’s and Moving Windows is the proof! For the first time since it’s original release, Futurismo give you an incredible redux reissue of this long lost electronic gem on LP…and for the first time ever, on CD! Also included within this newly designed release alongside Our Daughter's Wedding's milestone 1982 album tracks are the five songs featured on their unmissable Digital Cowboy ep, which includes their underground dancefloor hit Lawnchairs. To top off this first time reissue we have included the original uncensored cover photo by Anders Nordström (deemed too risqué at the time) as well as his unseen photos of Our Daughter's Wedding housed in a fold-out inner sleeve that also contains liner notes by original member Scott Simon. Our Daughter's Wedding have posthumously been described as synthpunk, along with other innovators such as Units and Screamers, yet despite this, they knew how to write a pop song. Our Daughter's Wedding were also distinct in that they employed a punchy, energised and even slightly aloof take on electropop that simultaneously stayed true to their punk and rock ‘n roll upbringing, an authenticity that drove them to play all electronic instruments live without the aid of any sequencers. Their signature track Lawnchairs instated Our Daughter's Wedding in the clubland etha by becoming a instant dance floor hit and remains a high point in the history of the synthesized pop. Produced by the mega-talents of both David Spradley (Funkadelic) and Colin Thurston (Duran Duran, Iggy Pop) this version of Moving Windows takes their sound that one step further.

  • 1. Auto Music
    2. She Was Someone
    3. Elevate Her
    4. Track Me Down
    5. Daddy's Slave
    6. Longitude 60o
    7. Love Machine
    8. Always Be True
    9. Moving Windows
    10. Paris
    11. Buildings
    12. Target for Life
    13. Red Alert
    14. Lawnchairs
    15. Dance Floor
    16. No One's Watching