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  • OSTGUTTONCD33CD  £12.00

  • OSTGUTLP192 x Long Player  £18.00

Ostgut Ton

Nick Hoppner


Techno Former Ostgut Ton label manager DJ and producer Nick Hoppner releases his solo debut album 'Folk' on Ostgut Ton Nick Hoppner's 'Folk' feels like one of those rare albums that will be put on in ten years and it will sound as relevant as it is today There is music to be heard in 'Folk' idiosyncratic tracks that cross the vast continent of Techno and House music Each track is adorned with many different musical styles brought together by the unifying power of the 44 kick From the submerged sounds of opener 'Paws' the upbeat slap bass rhythm of 'Out Of' or in the highly infectious vocal hymn 'Come Closer' his open minded attitude towards music leaves little reason to discriminate by genre

  • 1. Paws
    2. Mirror Images
    3. Out Of
    4. Rising Overheads
    5. Grind Show
    6. Come Closer
    7. Airway Management
    8. Relate
    9. No Stealing