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Happy Meals


British European Happy Meals is the Glasgowbased duo of Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook lifepartners since high school finding expression in cosmic form Originally from the Scottish borders Rodden and Cook also of The Cosmic Dead began Happy Meals in a flurry of experimentation at Glasgow's creative hub The Green Door Studio Initially the result of a free music production course ApA#ro sees the pair embark on a blissful voyage into a lovefuelled outwardlooking hedonism Both artists operate machines and sing but it's the dominating FrancoScottish linguafranca of Suzanne Rodden that imbues a sense of seductive fun to the album Their first recorded statement ApA#ro is an instant rush of Kosmichedisco utterly addictive and inviting The epic Crystal Salutation welcomes the listener in with analogue synths delayed into the horizon before Electronic Disco ushers in distorted drum machines and Rodden's discoatsunset vocal Album standout Altered Images is a popmasterpiece mixing French Italodisco acid basslines and a sense of Scottish optimism 'Age Of Love' is unabashedly the feeling of being up until daybreak with layered synths climaxing allaround Retrofuturistic visions abound on the beatless Visions Of Utopia before closer Le Voyage reprises back the cosmopolitan disco playing out the perfect club night in ecstatic fashion It's an enchanting inclusive vision everyone is invited the future is bright Just say yes.

  • 1. Crystal Salutation
    2. Electronic Disco
    3. Altered Images
    4. The Age Of Love
    5. Visions Of Love
    6. Le Voyage

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