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  • NSD102Long Player  £18.00

MF Doom

Special Herbs Vol. 1 & 2

Hip Hop back in stock at a super cheap price chris lowe is back with more goldenera funkThis time he goes solo on the mic increasing his lyrical skillsChick on da side is wher lowe plays wit the girlsits every rapper's dream to be a pimpITS MY THINGis lowe's tribute to EPMDdisplaying an 88 type beat similar to U GOTS TO CHILLWILDTHING is the albums shiner Lowe really takes it back to the essenceIf you like eastcoast hiphop u need this

  • 1. Saffron
    2. Arrow Root
    3. Zatar
    4. Fenugreek
    5. Sumac Berries
    6. Coriander
    7. Shallots
    8. Charnuska
    9. Monosodium Glutamate
    10. Red #40
    11. Nettle Leaves
    12. Mullein
    13. Mugwort
    14. All Spice
    15. Lovage
    16. Eucalyptus
    17. Myrrh

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