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Gwilym Gold

A Paradise

British European Gwilym Gold releases his second album 'A Paradise' on Brille The inimitable songwriter and composer's new album features collaborations with Hyetal Darkstar Bullion and Nico Muhly Gold has been consistently impressing us over the years first as bandleader of art pop group Golden Silvers then with his 2013 album 'Tender Metal' which was released via constantlyevolving music format Bronze and later with collaborations with artists like Hyetal and more recently Darkstar Hyetal and Darkstar's James Young both appear as coproducers on tracks from 'A Paradise' as does leftfield pop producer Bullion Meanwhile four songs feature string arrangements by contemporary classical composer Nico Muhly Otherwise the majority of the album was composed by Gwilym alone at home with his piano before being taken to regular collaborator Lexxx for coproduction at London's Konk Studios

  • 1. A Greener World
    2. Breathless
    3. Triumph
    4. Breath Alone
    5. Uninvited
    6. Flex
    7. Muscle
    8. Unknown
    9. Evergreen
    10. I Know, I Know

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