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DJ Vadim & Sena

Grow Slow

There was once a young African princess who embarked on a huge journey in pursuit of her dreams She arrived at a mystical island covered in clouds where she met a cunning wizardA  Sounds like the beginning of some Disney fantasy but the truth is not so different The Princess is Sena who came from Accra Ghana to a festival in the centre of Budapest Hungary and met a musical wizard by the name of DJ Vadim that was in 2005 What happened that night was the meeting not only of like minded souls but the beginning of a future journey into sound and space First came recordings for Vadim for the Soundcatcher album 'Talk To Me' 2007 BBE which was much lauded by Gilles Peterson at the time Which led to a long process of creating an album Much happened in between Each had many of their own adventures Grammy Award shows sell out arena shows for Sena's band in Hungary Irie Mafia plus the birth of her beautiful daughter Kekeli and the release of her second solo album 'Lots Of Trees' on French Soulbeats Records world wide shenanagins for DJ Vadim with his groups One Self The Electric and many solo projectsA  Perhaps a good analogy would be the perfect pasta One needs both to cook it exactly not too hard or too soft and also a complimentary sauce It takes time love effort and good ingredients What's the result simple but delicious and what a perfect combination Sena and Vadim make also Perhaps add some chile pepper to bring out the African funk mixed with London tricknology from the grimey east London hoods and that's what it sounds like It's not just soul but has a peppery kick a proud African roar with somewhat a Caribbean touch Then again that's the Dubcatcher Vadim bringing his bass and skank to the mix This isn't rose tinted squeaky clean US RampB this is a diamond in the ruff worldly spoken words raps and emotions Think Erykah Badu meets Damian Marley over the new upsetter hot steppa

  • 1. There's a Moment
    2. Day By Day
    3. Work Hard
    4. Living in the New
    5. Stems N Seeds
    6. Grow Slow
    7. Boneshaker
    8. Run Along
    9. Morning Light
    10. Give More Pt. 2 (Feat. Syross the Virus)

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