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Dave McCabe & The Ramifications

Church Of Miami

Former Zutons frontman Dave McCabe’s new project Dave McCabe & The Ramifications signs to 1965 Records.
Following the recently released taster track ‘Time & Place’, taken from his as yet unannounced debut album, The 2 Bears’ Raf Daddy has reworked the track.

Commenting on the signing of Dave, James Endeacott, head of 1965 said:
“When I heard the new Dave McCabe album I was transported into space and came back a better man. I’ve known Dave for several years now and the thought of working with him makes me realize that 1965 Records really are going to Unlock Your Mind this year…strap yourself in and get ready for the trip.”
Talking about the new track McCabe says, “I wanted to do something that wasn’t a guitar record. There’s loads of music I’ve always been into, things like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Human League, more electronic stuff that was totally different to what we did in the Zutons. I wanted to do my own version of a Grand Theft Auto soundtrack basically.”

Inspired by McCabe’s love of DC Comics and the writings of Philip K Dick the forthcoming album tells a story, McCabe says “I started writing a bunch of songs that all worked around this theme, this story. It’s about a fella who falls in love with a robot, but after a while he realizes that he actually needs some real human contact. Its scary man, you look at the way technology is going then you look at the way humanity is going and it’s like technology is going to start edging ahead of us and be more advanced than we are as humans."