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Bad Company

Straight Shooter (Deluxe)

Bad Company has helped shaped the sound of an entire rock era with iconic powerhouse rock anthems and popular ballads. Having unearthed the original multi-track tapes and discovered previously unreleased tracks, takes, and mixes the band has remastered their first two albums to create new Deluxe Editions.

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rodgers, along with guitarist/songwriter Mick Ralphs, bassist Boz Burrell, and drummer Simon Kirke released the band’s second album Straight Shooter in April 1975, 40 years to the month of the new deluxe edition. The album features the hit singles “Feel Like Makin’ Love” and “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” as well as the rock radio staple “Shooting Star.”

Of the 14 bonus tracks, all are previously unreleased except the B-side “Whiskey Bottle.” Among the standouts is a stripped-down version of “Shooting Star,” a remix of “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” with alternative guitar and vocals tracks, as well as two lost gems, never released before: “See The Sunlight” and “All Night Long.”

  • Disc 1:
    1. Good Lovin' Gone Bad (2015 Remastered)
    2. Feel Like Makin' Love (2015 Remastered)
    3. Weep No More (2015 Remastered)
    4. Shooting Star (2015 Remastered)
    5. Deal With The Preacher (2015 Remastered)
    6. Wild Fire Woman (2015 Remastered)
    7. Anna (2015 Remastered)
    8. Call On Me (2015 Remastered)

    Disc 2:
    1. Good Lovin' Gone Bad (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)
    2. Feel Like Makin' Love (Take Before Master)
    3. Weep No More (Early Slow Version)
    4. Shooting Star (Alternate Take)
    5. Deal With The Preacher (Early Version)
    6. Anna (Alternate Vocal)
    7. Call On Me (Alternate Take)
    8. Easy On My Soul (Slow Version)
    9. Whiskey Bottle (Early Slow Version)
    10. See The Sunlight
    11. All Night Long
    12. Wild Fire Woman (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)
    13. Feel Like Makin' Love (Harmonica Version)
    14. Whiskey Bottle (B-Side Of "Good Lovin' Gone Bad")

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