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Du Blonde

Welcome Back To Milk

Du Blonde is not a persona or a character, it's 25 year old Beth Jeans Houghton ripping it up and starting again. Welcome Back To Milk is th Newcastle-born and sometimes Californian based singer's second album, but her debut as Du Blonde, and it's a complete reinvention: new name, new sound, new band, new attitude. Where 2012's debut Yours Truly Cellophane Nose threw everything at a song, Welcome Back To Milk strips everything back and is one massive release of pent up aggression, captured perfectly by producer and Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos. Heavy riffs, loud drums, vocal snarls contrast beautifully with more poignant balladry and tenderness that fans of Houghton's previous work will recognise. Future Islands frontman Samuel T Herring also provides guest vocals on My Mind Is On My Mind.

  • 1. Black Flag
    2. Chips To Go
    3. Raw Honey
    4. After The Show
    5. If You're Legal
    6. Hunter
    7. Hard To Please
    8. What Is It Like
    9. Mr. Hyde
    10. Four In The Morning
    11. Mind Is On My Mind
    12. Isn't It Wild

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