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Rock Action


Lease Of Life

British European 'Lease of Life' is the follow up to Errors' critically acclaimed 2012 album 'Have Some Faith In Magic' Formulated on the Hebridean Isle Of Jura the location where George Orwell wrote Nineteen EightyFour and the place where The KLF are rumoured to have burned a million pounds it's a bold work borne by the confidence and ambition of a band with a desire to combine the exploration of fresh soundworlds combined with their most accessible immediate songwriting yet 'Lease of Life' is also the band's most cohesive album statement to date a starttofinish experience that's bound by recurring constituents and accomplished craft Released via Mogwai's Rock Action Records labelLP Limited white coloured double vinyl set

  • 1. Colossal Estates
    2. Lease Of Life
    3. Slow Rotor
    4. New Winged Fire
    5. Early Nights
    6. Dull Care
    7. Genuflection
    8. Putman Caraibe
    9. Through The Knowledge Of Those Who Observe Us

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