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Fat Cat

Gentle Friendly

Kaua'i O'o A'a

Following their recent signing to Fat Cat, KAUA'I O'O A'A sees Gentle Friendly step up a level with a fantastic new album, their first release in over two years. Punchy, restlessly energetic and densely-detailed, it is a cracking, insistent little record and - whilst it recalls the likes of early Animal Collective, Health and No Age - sounds like little else being made right now. Gentle Friendly are the London-based duo of David Maurice and Richard Manber, whose penchant for circular melodies, tidal fuzz and rapid junked rhythms is delivered via an austere instrumental setup of vocals, Casio MT-40 keyboard and drums (sometimes electronic), alongside an array of tapes and electronics. Since forming in 2008, they have released a steady sequence of singular and acclaimed recordings, forging a sound that "whilst informed by a rich tapestry of influences and a particular brand of Future Englishness - is instantly recognizable as their own".

  • 1. Wild Grass
    2. Love and Weather
    3. Shake Up
    4. Autumn Nite
    5. Bury Um Deep
    6. Infinite Return
    7. Channel One
    8. Rip B
    9. No Future
    10. 18 Wave Crash
    11. As In Wind
    12. Mics On Fire
    13. Cloudbusting II

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