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Crippled Black Phoenix

White Light Generator

Crippled Black Phoenix release a brand new studio album which marks not only the band’s tenth anniversary, but also the start of a new chapter in the intriguing and sometimes confusing history of CBP.

Following 2012’s “(Mankind) The Crafty Ape” studio album, the mini-album “No Sadness Of Farewell” and “Live Poznan” in 2013, “White Light Generator” brings us right up to date. The album features new vocalist Daniel Änghede as well as the usual suspects, Justin Greaves, Mark Furnevall, Christian Heilmann, Ben Wilsker, Karl Demata and Daisy Chapman, plus guest performances from Belinda Kordic (who featured on the last two CBP albums and works as a team with Greaves in Se Delan) & Chrissie Caulfield (who played violin on past CBP tours). “White Light Generator” is split into two quite distinct halves, with the first half (Black Light) bearing the heavier side of the music, and the second half (White Light) with the more simple, dark and melodic songs.

  • 01 – Sweeter Than You
    02 – NO! (pt 1)
    03 – NO! (pt 2)
    04 – Let’s Have An Apocalypse Now!
    05 – Black Light Generator
    06 – Parasites
    07 – ________
    08 – Northern Comfort
    09 – Wake Me Up When It’s Time To Sleep
    10 – Caring Breeds The Horror
    11 – You’ll Be Murdered
    12 – We Remember You
    13 – A Brighter Tomorrow