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Strange Loop


Dark Black Makeup

America Canada After nearly five years of playing together hundreds of sweatdrenched highoctane rock shows and two criticallyacclaimed EP's under their belts Missouri punk brothers Radkey present the release of their hugelyanticipated debut album produced by Ross Orton Arctic Monkeys The Kills in San Francisco and Sheffield The three brothers from St Joseph Missouri have evolved a distinctive sound They started with a punk base and gathered power and tightness with each new tour Now with the release of 'Dark Black Makeup' Radkey reveals a musical maturity beyond their years Radkey revisits two older songs 'Romance Dawn' from the 'Devil Fruit' EP and the single 'Feed My Brain' The other eleven tracks including the prealbum single 'Parade It' are part of the new Radkey repertoire that will be the basis of hundreds of live appearances to comenbsp

  • 1. Dark Black Makeup
    2. Romance Dawn
    3. Love Spills
    4. Parade It
    5. Best Friends
    6. Le Song
    7. Hunger Pain
    8. Feed My Brain
    9. Sank
    10. Song Of Solomon
    11. Evil Doer
    12. Glore
    13. Feel