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  • LCDSTUMM319CD  £6.00


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

The Road OST

Given the post-apocalyptic context of The Road you might be surprised by how often its Nick Cave and Warren Ellis soundtrack verges on unblemished optimism and warmth. Applying themselves to the score for the forthcoming cinematic interpretation of the Pulitzer-winning Cormac McCarthy novel the two Bad Seeds and Grinderman veterans do well to avoid wallowing in gloom for the entire stretch.

  • 1. Home
    2. The Road
    3. Storytime
    4. The Cannibals
    5. Water And Ash
    6. The Mother
    7. The Real Thing
    8. Memory
    9. The House
    10. The Far Road
    11. The Church
    12. The Journey
    13. The Cellar
    14. The Bath
    15. The Family
    16. The Beach
    17. The Boy

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