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Chemikal Underground

Bill Wells & Aiden Moffat

Everythings Getting Older

British European Aidan's lyric writing continues to stand head and shoulders above his peers with this album against Wells' subtly nuanced backdrops Moffat's lyrics truly shine A modern laureate partBukowsi partCutler Aidan's observations on ageing and reminiscences of youth are funny melancholy filthy and at times profoundly moving With his extraordinary capacity with lyrics Aidan Moffat could and should be regarded alongside Nick Cave Elvis Costello and Tom Waits The album will particularly appeal to the 30 age group and discerning music fan coming to Aidan's work for the first time The cover art portraits were produced by Frank Quitely the world renowned comic book artist famous for his work with Grant Morrison on 'New XMen' 'We3' and 'Batman and Robin'

  • 1. Tasogare
    2. Let's Stop Here
    3. Cages
    4. A Short Song to the Moon
    5. Ballad of the Bastard
    6. The Copper Top
    7. Glasgow Jubilee
    8. (If You) Keep Me in Your Heart
    9. Dinner Time
    10. The Sadness in Your Life Will Slowly Fade
    11. The Greatest Story Ever Told
    12. And So We Must Rest

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