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Special Request

Modern Warfare EP 1

Part 1 in the Modern Warfare series Limited to 750 copies Lead track 'Amnesia' listen right now HERE is Special Request in pure euphoric mode a riot of chopping breakbeats 44 kick drums and MC samples cut through with uplifting piano and vocals 'Amnesia' has appeared In Special Request DJ sets around the world over the summer and recently featured as Annie Mac's Hottest Record on Radio 1 It sets the tone for the Modern Warfare EPs both stylistically and in terms of scope and ambition nine tracks that are influenced by but never overly reverential to the sounds and first generation rave jungle and hardcore This is widescreen illicitfeeling bassheavy club music that firmly faces the future As DJ magazine stated in their recent Special Request cover feature 'If Special Request's 2013 Houndstooth debut album Soul Music introduced a fresh perspective on Jungle slowing the beats and injecting it with nextgen techno steroids 'Modern Warfare' is its mutant cousin a dangerously perfected T1000 model with a new bag of tricks more deadly than its predecessor' The release of the Modern Warfare EPs follows the success of recent Special Request remixes for the likes of The Chemical Brothers Jamie xx Leftfield Wiley and Jungle plus of course the highlyacclaimed Soul Music which was described by Pitchfork as 'a truly unique and enriching experience a collection of old sounds reassembled in a way that sounds fresher than ever' while Resident Advisor stated 'looking back just far enough to escape the complacency of the present Special Request does so with a ballstothewall conviction that puts pure emphasis on the dance floor with a fuckyou attitude to anyone who might not like it And even though he might not be alone in making this kind of music anymore he is by himself at the top of the heap' The release of the Modern Warfare EPs also see XL Recordings continuing to reconnect with the spirit of the label's early days XL's early reputation was built around a series of underground clubfocused outsider rave 12 Inches from the likes of The Prodigy SL2 Awesome 3 and Jonny L Special Request harnesses that spirit and brings it right up to date in 2015

  • A1. Amnesia
    B1. Reset It
    B2. Modern Warfare

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